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Breeding the Best German Shepherd Working Line

Von Savitch K9

What began as a passion for the working line German shepherd soon grew to a desire to breed the finest, fiercest and loyal friend to man. The German shepherds versatility, loyalty, intelligence, courage and trainability are unparalleled. Making the working line German shepherd one of the most popular breeds in recent history.

We have acquired outstanding and proven Czech bloodlines and west German bloodlines some of which are from the Czech republic, Puerto Rico, Germany as well as here in the United States. The selection of our stud dogs & bitches was a long and painstaking process. It was not accomplished simply by purchasing titled dogs & bitches then breeding. Our goals are more specific as we are not just interested in the instincts that the German shepherd carry inherently i.e.; Prey instinct, Active Aggression, Reactive Aggression, Social Aggression and Pack instinct. Although these instincts are a very important and powerful component of a working dogs temperament what cannot be sacrificed or compromised is the dogs inner core, this must be strong. The inner core is comprised of the nervous system, hardness and irritability threshold (defense threshold).

Savitch K9 is dedicated to breeding great working line German shepherds. We offer German shepherd puppies for sale, personal protection dogs for sale, police dogs for sale and protective family companions for sale. We are a family owned kennel located in rural Swansea, Massachusetts. The kennel is situated on a 14 plus acre site where our dogs have the privacy and security they require for breeding and training.


German Shepherd Breeder, MA

Loyal, hard working and fearless, the German Shepherd is the perfect protector.